Top 14 Hollywood Heroines | Hottest Hollywood Actress In 2022

Top 14 Hollywood Heroines, Do you know your top Hollywood heroines? Here are some that we think deserve more recognition. The year is 2022 and the world of Hollywood has been turned on its head.

Gone are the days when there was a certain type of look that made a woman famous, where she had to have perfect hair, skin, and body in order to get her foot in the door.

These days it’s more about how much you know about yourself, your interests, goals and passions- not just what you’re wearing or how well you can pose for pictures.

We’ve seen women like Emma Stone win an Oscar for playing someone who is insecure with themselves but still manages to do great things as part of their personal journey. That’s why we wanted to highlight some actresses who have made their mark by being true heroes both on screen and off: who are self.

Top 14 Hollywood Heroines

Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman is an American actress, producer and a former fashion model. She was born in Jerusalem on June 9th 1981 to an Israeli father and an Ashkenazi Jewish mother. In 1999 her family moved to the United States. Her first role was in 1994 when she played Anne Frank as a child for the play “The Diary of Anne Frank”.

She has starred in many films such as Black Swan (2010) for which she won a Golden Globe award, The Other Boleyn Girl (2008), V For Vendetta (2005), Garden State (2004) and Leon: The Professional (1994). Natalie is married to Benjamin Millepied since 2012 with whom she has two children with- Aleph, born in 2011.

Natalie Portman is an actress who has been nominated for the prestigious Academy Award four times. She starred in films such as Black Swan, V for Vendetta and The Professional. In her most recent film Jackie, she plays Jackie Kennedy Onassis. Natalie was born to a Jewish family in Jerusalem, Israel on June 9th 1981. Her first movie was Leon: The Professional in 1994 when she was just 12 years old.

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Hottest Hollywood Actress In 2021

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson is a famous actress who has been in many movies. Her most popular roles are the Black Widow in “Marvel’s Avengers” and Lucy in “Lucy.” She also played Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow, for which she won the award of Favorite Movie Actress at the People’s Choice Awards.

She was born to Melanie Sloan and Karsten Johansson on November 22nd, 1984 in New York City. Scarlett attended Professional Children’s School through eighth grade. After that she went to French boarding school Lycee Français de Los Angeles from ninth through 11th grades before returning back to NYC for her senior year of high school at Professional Children’s School again. She graduated with a degree from NYUT.

Scarlett Johansson is not only one of the hottest actresses in Hollywood, but also has a huge heart. The actress recently donated $1 million to Planned Parenthood after President Donald Trump removed federal funding for the organization. This act of kindness shows Scarlett’s love and support for women’s rights and may even be seen as an act of defiance against President Trump.

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Scarlett Johansson

Emma Stone

Emma Stone is an actress who has been in movies such as “The Amazing Spider-Man” and “Birdman.” She was born on November 6, 1988. Emma’s first major role was playing Gwen Stacy in the 2012 movie The Amazing Spider-Man. Her next film will be a comedy called Battle of the Sexes, in which she plays tennis player Billie Jean King.

This blog post will provide information about Emma, her life story and career. It also includes pictures of Emma from various awards shows or appearances that include red carpet events with other celebrities like Ryan Gosling or Jaden Smith.

Emma Stone is an American actress who was born in Scottsdale, Arizona. She has received accolades and nominations for her work, including a Golden Globe Award and multiple Critics’ Choice Movie Awards.

Her first leading role came in 2007’s Superbad where she played Jules as the love interest of the main character Seth (Jonah Hill). In 2016, Emma starred with Ryan Gosling in La La Land which won many awards such as Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy at both the 2017 Golden Globes and 74th British Academy Film Awards.   

Emma also stars with Steve Carell in Battle of the Sexes about one of the most famous tennis matches ever between Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs.

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Hottest Hollywood Actress

Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep is a famous actress of Hollywood’s Golden Age. She has been nominated for a record-breaking 21 Academy Awards, and holds the record for most Oscar wins by an actor with 8 awards. In 2017, she became the oldest performer to win an Oscar (for her role in “Florence Foster Jenkins”).  Meryl Streep was born on June 22nd 1949 in Summit, New Jersey as Mary Louise Streep.

Her father worked as a pharmaceutical executive and her mother was an art historian who took part in various charities around town. Streeps first major acting role came when she appeared at age 16 alongside Warren Beatty in “The Sisters.” She also starred alongside Dustin Hoffman in “Kramer vs Kramer” which earned her.

Meryl Streep is an American actress who has won more Academy Awards than any other living actor. She has been nominated for 20 Academy Awards, and holds the record for most nominations of any actor in history. In 2012, she became the oldest person to win a competitive Oscar (for Best Actress).

Meryl Streep was born in 1949 in Summit, New Jersey. Her father, Harry Jameson Streep Jr., was a professor at Rutgers University and her mother, Mary Louise “Polly” Woggin Berthold Streep (née Adams), was a commercial artist when she met Harry Jr.. Meryl’s paternal grandparents were Swiss immigrants and her maternal ancestry includes English ancestors who came over on the Mayflower.

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Meryl Streep

Anne Hathaway

“Anne Hathaway is a well-known actress, singer and producer who has been in the industry for more than 10 years.  She had her first major film role when she was just 18 years old after being discovered by a casting agent on the streets of New York City. In 2017, she appeared in “The Devil Wears Prada” as Andy Sachs but also starred in movies like “Alice Through The Looking Glass”, “Les Misérables”, and “Interstellar”. Her latest project is called “Ocean’s 8” which will be released this summer.”

Anne Hathaway is an American actress known for her roles in the films The Princess Diaries, Ella Enchanted, and Rachel Getting Married. She won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for Les Misérables and is one of only four actresses to have achieved the Triple Crown of Acting: she has won an Emmy Award, a Tony Award, and a Golden Globe. But what do you know about Anne Hathaway?.

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Anne Hathaway

Angelina Jolie

We will be looking at Angelina Jolie’s life and what it is like to be a famous celebrity. She has always been in the spotlight, but she has also had her fair share of ups and downs. We will discuss some of these things as well as how she overcame them with success!

Angelina Jolie was born on June 4th, 1975 in Los Angeles, California to parents Jon Voight and Marcheline Bertrand.

-She began her acting career when she was just a toddler appearing alongside her father in the 1976 film “Lookin’ to Get Out” which he directed for Universal Pictures.  -Angelina became known worldwide after starring as Lara Croft in 2001’s Tomb Raider (2001).

Angelina Jolie is one of the most famous celebrities in the world. She has an estimated net worth of $160 million dollars and she’s been ranked as the 8th highest paid actress by Forbes magazine, thanks to her roles in movies like Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (2001) and Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005).

Her mother died when she was just 16 years old after a battle with ovarian cancer and this tragic event shaped her life forever. I always say I’m not sure how much money my family would have if we never had me.” -Angelina Jolie “

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Angelina Jolie

Helen Mirren

Helen Mirren is a well-known English actress, who won an Academy Award for Best Actress in 2007. She has been nominated three more times and also won four Golden Globe Awards and one Emmy Award.

Helen Mirren was born on July 26, 1945 in West London to parents Kathleen Kitty Alexandrina Eva Matilda (née Bainbridge) and Vasiliy Petrovich Mironov. Her paternal grandparents were Russian nobles from the Pskov region of the Russian Empire.

Mirren’s first stage appearance was at age 18, when she played a girl in an amateur production of Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap in London with the Queen’s Theatre Company before making her professional debut at age 22 as Ophelia opposite.

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Helen Mirren

Judi Dench

Actress Judi Dench is an English actress and has been nominated for many awards. She has played a variety of roles, from Queen Elizabeth I to Mrs. Brown.  A few examples of her films include “Notes on a Scandal” and “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel”. She was also awarded the Order of the British Empire in 1977 for services to drama, which she received again 20 years later in 1997.

Judi Dench is a living legend in the world of acting. She has been nominated for an Academy Award, Golden Globe and Emmy award. Recently she was awarded Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth II for her services to drama. Judi Dench has made a tremendous impact on our culture with her films but she’s not slowing down anytime soon.

Judi Dench

Kate Upton

Kate Upton is the most famous model in the world. This blog post will cover what you need to know about her and why she’s so popular. What are some of her most iconic looks? Why does she work with a stylist? Read this article to find out!

You may not know her name, but you’ve probably seen the face. You know, the one on all those billboards and magazine covers? That’s Kate Upton. In this post I’m going to tell you about everything that we can find out about her at this point in time: what she does for a living (modeling), where she was born and raised (Michigan), how old she is (21 years old), some of her favorite things to do when she has free time, etc.

Now let’s get started!

Kate Upton is a model from Michigan who has risen quickly through the ranks of modeling because of her great beauty and intelligence. She was born on June 10th, 1992 in Stuttgart Germany while her father.

Kate Upton

Abigail Breslin

Abigail Breslin is a seventeen year old actress from New York City. She has been in many films including Little Miss Sunshine, Signs and Scream 4. Her most recent movie was August: Osage County with Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts.

Abigail’s latest role was as Grace Hoover who is the daughter of Marshall Hoover (played by Ewan McGregor) and Evelyn Hoover (played by Nicole Kidman). The movie tells the story of how Grace deals with her parents’ divorce while they are constantly fighting over custody battles for her.

In this blog post we will discuss what it means to be adopted, why people adopt children, and how being adopted can affect someone later on in life.

Abigail Breslin is an American actress who was born in New York City, but raised in Greenwich, Connecticut. She has a younger sister named Sarah and her mother’s name is Lisa Breslin. Her father died when she was 8 years old of brain cancer.

She played Mel Gibson’s daughter in the movie Signs (2002), Meryl Streep’s adopted daughter in The Devil Wears Prada (2006) and Little Miss Sunshine as Olive Hoover. For more about Abigail Breslin visit my blog post to find out what other movies she has been featured in.

Abigail Breslin

Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron is a South African actress and producer. She gained international fame for her portrayal of serial killer Aileen Wuornos in the 2003 film Monster, for which she won an Academy Award for Best Actress. Charlize has also starred in films like The Cider House Rules (1999), Mighty Joe Young (1998) and Young Adult (2011).

Charlize’s latest project, Atomic Blonde, will be released on July 28th 2017. This spy thriller set at the height of the Cold War tells the story of Lorraine Broughton, who is sent to Berlin to investigate a murder that leads her through a web of spies from various nations.

Charlize Theron is an actress who has been in the spotlight for over two decades. She first gained attention for her performance as a serial killer in “Monster” which won her an Academy Award and Golden Globe.

Charlize Theron was born on August 7, 1975 to a South African mother and Irish father. She grew up with four siblings, two older sisters and two younger brothers. In 2011 she adopted a daughter named Jackson with actor Sean Penn.

Charlize Theron

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence is one of the most popular celebrities in Hollywood. Her personality is her best asset and she has a lot to share with us. We have put together some fun facts about Jennifer Lawrence that you might not know, but will definitely make you love her more!  (For example: She loves pizza)

Jennifer Lawrence is a famous American actress, producer and businesswoman. She has appeared in the films “Hunger Games” (2012), “Silver Linings Playbook” (2012), “American Hustle” (2013) and many more.  As of October 2017, she’s one of only four actresses with nominations for two Academy Awards in acting categories:

Best Actress for her role as Joy Mangano in the biographical drama film Joy (2015) and Best Supporting Actress for her performance as Tiffany Maxwell in Silver Linings Playbook. Jennifer Lawrence was born on August 15th 1990 to Karen Jenney-Lawrence and Gary Lawrence. She has an older brother Blaine who played football at Southern Methodist University before transferring to Columbia University.

Jennifer Lawrence

Alexandra Daddario

Alexandra Daddario is an American actress and model. She starred in the TV series Baywatch, San Andreas, True Detective and Once Upon A Time. Alexandra has been featured on the covers of magazines including Maxim, Esquire, GQ UK and more. If you want to know more about her life don’t hesitate to read this blog post!

Alexandra Daddario is an American actress. Her breakout role was Annabeth in Percy Jackson & the Lightning Thief, and she has since appeared in films such as Texas Chainsaw 3D (2013), Baywatch (2017) and The Layover (2017).

She also starred as Beth March in Little Women. Alexandra Daddario was born on November 16th 1989 to a Mexican father and an Italian mother. She attended Sacred Heart High School where she competed for the school’s varsity soccer team, before graduating with honors from Tufts University with a bachelor’s degree in International Relations.

Alexandra Daddario

Amber Heard

Amber Heard is a 27-year old actress that starred in movies such as The Danish Girl, Zombieland, and Magic Mike XXL. Heard has been married to Johnny Depp for three years now.

She announced her divorce from Depp on May 23rd of this year after only 15 months of marriage due to irreconcilable differences according to the court documents. In the divorce petition filed by Heard, she lists claims of domestic violence and emotional abuse.

The couple share one child together who was born in 2014. They were scheduled to appear at an event called The Children’s Hospital Gala but they did not show up because of their recent break up and Amber’s request for a temporary restraining order against him while the divorce.

Amber Heard is a model and actress who has been in the news lately. The latest rumor going around is that she’s dating Johnny Depp, one of Hollywood’s most famous actors. It seems like Amber Heard could have her pick between any man in the world, so why would she date Johnny Depp? 

What do they see in each other? Let’s take a look at some of their similarities:  They both star in movies; they’re both talented actors; they’re both from LA and are now living together on his private island. There must be more to these two than meets the eye! Read on to find out what we think it is…and why this couple might just work.

Amber Heard

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