The Best Beaches To Visit In United States

The Best Beaches To Visit In United States , Maui , Kauai , Sanibel Island, Destin, Laguna Beach, Outer Banks , Cannon Beach , Naples , Miami Beach , Hilton Head,


Surfers are the visitors of United States. In reality, one doesn’t need to find oceans to have fun in surfing. There are about 100 seaside amusement centers and water parks to enjoy world famous surfing, canoeing, cliff jumping, and jet skiing for free. And, you can find about 30 surfing schools of United States.

You can also enjoy surfing, kayaking, and paddle boarding at United States. There are several spas to enjoy quality time with your family and friends in United States. And, you can enjoy American-style fine dining at famous restaurants all over the country. Surfers are the visitors of United States. In reality, one doesn’t need to find oceans to have fun in surfing.

Top Beautiful Beaches To Visit In USA

There is no place like the beach. Most people love to vacation in different places but many prefer to stay on the same coast and go to the same beaches over and over again. According to Your plane, some of the most popular beaches in the United States.

]They also have a lot of fun activities available for you to do during your vacation as well. So, check out our list and start planning your next trip. 1. Cocoa Beach, Florida Located on the southern tip of Florida, the small beach has become a small tourist destination and one of the top beaches to visit in the state.

Cocoa Beach is known for its beautiful white sand and beautiful blue water and the amount of people that pack into this little town every year.

The Best Beaches To Visit In United States

The Best Beaches in the United States California (41) Surf Beach, Huntington Beach, Snowbird Beach, Utah Ski Beach, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii Coopers Beach, Southampton, New York Sandy Beaches, Atlantique, New York Bay Head Beaches, Bay Head, New Jersey Blueberry Beach, Kodiak, Alaska No Name Beach, Panama City Beach, Florida St.

Ignacio Beach, San Ignacio, Baja California Sur Key West Beaches, Cannon Beach, Oregon Avila Beach, Newport Beach, California Park City Beaches, Park City, Utah Cannon Beach, Cannon Beach, Oregon Outer Banks Beaches, Currituck, North Carolina.

Maui Beach USA

Here you can enjoy white sands, turquoise waters and rainbows of pink, orange and red hibiscus flowers. Best way to enjoy it is to rent a 2-3 bedroom villa on Maui. Here you can find OluKai rentals and will be on your best vacation ever.

9. Kauai I have read a few reviews from people saying how nice it is to have to see whales and dolphins and with all that, I would agree, but I want to tell you that the beach of Kauai, from the island of Lanai is a good beach to view them all in awe. You have great water-sports and an island that is almost perfect.

There are also great surfing spots on the north shore of the island. You can book beach-biking tour of Kauai or a hotel and bike tour.



Kauai is one of the Great White Wall (the only place in the continental U.S. with miles and miles of the highest quality surf and bluest water) to protect the marine life. The stretch of pristine, pristine coastline is set against the backdrop of the rich Kauai jungle.

Kauai has so many beaches, but the top surf spot is Devil’s Choir, also known as Beach No. 6 on the 7-pack. The beach, nicknamed for the canyon walls running parallel to the beach, is closed during low tide, so locals like to go on a day trip from the beach to hike the trails.

There are also surf shops and shops for jewelry, art, and surfboards. A first time visitor can spend a day and explore Waimea Canyon, kauai famous natural wonder


Outer Banks

The Outer Banks is the charming barrier island landform that spans 100 miles from the southernmost tip of the Outer Banks to the northern-most tip of the state.

It is home to 32 beautiful beaches. Among them, Hatteras, Kill Devil, Bald Head, Avon and Kitty Hawk are the most popular. On the ocean side, you have inlets that are full of surfers during summer.

On the calmer side, there are crab shacks and sand crabs. Hatteras is a favorite spot for snorkeling, and is still relatively unexplored. 6. Ocean City Md. to N.J. North of Delaware, and south of Maryland, is another favorite summer destination of the Northern-Mid Atlantic. Situated on the Delmarva Peninsula, Ocean City is another southern beach for beach lovers.


Cannon Beach

Cannon Beach, this is a beautiful beach and located in southern Oregon. It is the most visited beach in the entire state. Surfers take advantage of the 1,250-foot-wide beach, with wave height ranging from 3 to 10 feet and wind direction favoring the north.

A light offshore breeze helps keep the air temperature warm and moderate. There are several restaurants, markets and trails to walk along or bike along. Activities include beach combing, sea glass hunting, surfing and kayaking.

Visitors can enjoy a leisurely stroll along the boardwalk, or hire a bike and tour the surrounding area. The first westward settlement of Oregon took place in Oregon City in 1847.


Miami Beach

Miami Beach has a different kind of sun and a different kind of water. No need to lug your own water down the street or take a shuttle bus. Biscayne Bay is 85 degrees year round and the Beach is in South Beach, so the bustle of the area doesn’t stop you from sitting on the sand.

Just be sure to take an umbrella for a rainy day. 3. Hilton Head Island You’ll likely not find a more picturesque beach anywhere in the world. In South Carolina, Hilton Head Island has sandy white sands, great restaurants, boutiques, shops, and a little bit of culture.

The island boasts a two-mile boardwalk that offers unique boutiques, bike trails, and a fantastic restaurant row with eight restaurants and two seafood eateries. 4. Siesta Beach, Sarasota Do you want some sand between your toes?


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