How to strengthen muscles quickly

How to strengthen muscles quickly and efficiently, Thanks to our efforts, the expression “bump into the wall” also acquired a positive meaning. Now it means “to strengthen the muscles quickly and efficiently.”

The less equipment you need for training, the less chance you have to justify your laziness by the lack of suitable conditions (pool, gym, bobsleigh track). We have found the perfect set of exercises for which you have a simulator – unless, of course, you live in a tent. Speech, as you understood, about the most ordinary wall.

We know, we know: squats and push-ups can be done in an open field, and there would be a desire. But the wall still does its job – it serves as a support and helps to perform the exercises more accurately. Therefore, training turns out to be more effective than regular fitness classes. In short, stop looking for excuses – clear the space and get down to business. Do the complex three times a week. The result is guaranteed!

More fire

Do number exercises if you want to get in shape quickly. And to also burn a fair amount of calories, add dynamics – after each exercise of the main complex, jump for a minute. And no rest between jumps!

No. 1 Strengthens the muscles of the shoulders, upper back, abs, glutes, and thighs.

Lean with your back against the wall and squat: right thigh parallel to the floor, left ankle on right knee, arms bent at right angles, and pressed against the wall. Without taking your hands off the wall, straighten them (see photo), and then return them to their original position. Do it 12 times. Change the cross of your legs and repeat.

No. 2 Strengthens the muscles of the shoulders and oblique muscles of the abdomen

Lie on your left side so that your left foot rests against the wall, lean on your left forearm and extend your right arm up. Lift your hips off the floor and lift your right leg as high as you can: until it is only lightly touching the wall (see photo). Freeze for 30 seconds. Change sides.

No. 3 Strengthens the muscles of the shoulders, back, abs, buttocks, and thighs

Start with a variation of the lying position: palms on the floor directly under the shoulders, feet resting against the wall at pelvic level. Pull your right knee to your chest (see photo), then return to the starting position. Repeat immediately on the left leg. Change legs quickly within a minute. # 

4 Strengthens the muscles of the arms, chest, abs, buttocks, and thighs

Stand facing the wall, arms straight, palms on the wall, left leg bent, knee at pelvic level. Lean forward so that your forearms are pressed against the wall; at the same time stretch your left leg back (see photo). Return to starting position. Repeat 10 times. Change your legs.

No. 5 Strengthens the muscles of the shoulders, back, and abs

Take an emphasis while lying, feet rest against the wall. Tighten your abs and lift your pelvis so that your body forms an inverted wide V (see photo). Return to starting position. Repeat 15 times.

No. 6 Strengthens the muscles of the buttocks, abs, and hamstrings

Lie on your back, left leg bent at a right angle, foot on the wall; right leg bent, foot on the floor. Extend your right leg up and lift your pelvis so that your torso and left thigh are in line. Freeze for a few seconds, and return to the starting position. Repeat 15 times. Change sides.

No. 7 Strengthens the muscles of the shoulders, abs, oblique muscles of the abdomen, and lower back

Take a lying position, pressing your feet against the wall: palms directly under your shoulders, and the whole body parallel to the floor. Freeze for 1 minute. Light version: lower your feet down the wall so that your toes touch the floor.

Not a problem

• If your feet are sweaty and slippery, try non-slip socks for good traction.

• Pain in the wrists while lying down can be a serious obstacle in the fight for a toned body. The problem is solved with dumbbells with hex discs or push-up handles: hold them during exercises 3, 5, and 7 – this way the wrists will not bend and the load on them will significantly decrease.

• You can relieve tension in the calves (and if you included jumping in your workout, you will probably need to unload the muscles) in the following way. Stand facing the wall about half a meter away from it, press your palms against the wall at chest level, and bend your arms at the elbows. Keeping your legs straight, press your right big toe against the wall and bring your hips closer to the wall. Hold this position for 20 seconds. and change legs. Do it twice.

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