The Most Beautiful Lakes To Visit In Pakistan

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The Most Beautiful Lakes To Visit In Pakistan, The westerly winds blowing over the Paracha Mountains not only maintain temperatures in the low twenties but also provide the pleasant breeze that accompanies an evening stroll.

With the weather not too hot, a visit to Astore, a small town, surrounded by snow clad mountains, provides the perfect backdrop for a day of leisure and the perfect setting for a colourful picnic with family and friends.

A store run by an American resident provides a selection of fresh vegetables, dried fruits and nuts, fresh salmon, imported clothes, carpet and motorbikes. The town boasts a post office, two motor fuel stations, a bank and a number of hotels and restaurants, all offering tailor made trips and tours to the nearby peaks and natural splendor of the area.

It was said that when man saw his first seed-pod, he said ‘there is nothing to it but to place it in a place where the sun can light it from all sides’. In the same way, a rich man or a poor man or even a man who was suffering from poverty or sickness does not care about the way he looks.

What matters is his mind, his thoughts, the way he thinks, how he feels about himself and how others view him. Do you find the person whom you love the most beautiful? Is there any point in judging the clothes you are wearing or even your looks? I am sure it is not the person himself.

For God says ‘I am formless and infinite and not having form. So whoever knows Me shall know Me. No form can stand for God. He is the ultimate beauty.

The Most Beautiful Lakes To Visit  In Pakistan

Saif-ul-Maluk Lake

Beautiful Lakes To Visit In Pakistan, Saif-ul-Maluk is a lake located in Kotla Bheek, Lakki Marwat District, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, Pakistan. It is 40 minutes drive from Lakki city to reach the site. The most striking feature of this lake is that it spreads over 90 acres of land. Kotla, Lakki Marwat district Views of the lake are breathtaking and the landscape is majestic.

Its charm is found in the abundance of its water-serpentry, salal and other trees and plants in its beautiful surroundings. At certain times of the year, it also offers a backdrop to different colors in the sky due to the presence of the Northern Lights. Rush Lake Rush Lake is known to be the most accessible lake in Pakistan and can be found in the district of Dera Ismail Khan and Hazara.

Attabad Lake

The Most Beautiful Lakes To Visit In Pakistan, The Attabad Lake is a 5.5-km long lake at the border of Attabad Lake and Upper Attabad Lake Districts, Attock Khurd, in the Punjab province of Pakistan. The lake is spread over an area of nearly 20 square km and it is situated in the picturesque Bandaal Burhan in Attock Khurd. Attabad Lake is accessible by motor boats or canals.

There are over 20 canals in Attabad Lake, which are useful for navigation. The unique feature of Attabad Lake is the phytomorphic rock formations on its western bank. The lake is 72 m deep in the centre and 40 m on either side. It has a natural reputation for being a source of beautiful green algae. The water quality is very good because of the absence of mineral sediments. Attabad Lake also serves as a good place for fishing.

Rush Lake

What’s so attractive about this beautiful lake is the fact that it exists on an elevation of 1712 feet and a clear view of its crystal clear water from several viewing points. Set in a remote area of Hunza, the lake draws local and foreign visitors.

If you can’t make it to the Lake, you can easily visit Nanga Parbat via shuttle to the Rush Lake. Nanga Parbat While one can’t climb Nanga Parbat, many trekkers in the region take the arduous journey to it through an enchanting forest in Nanga Parbat.

Once one reaches the peak of the mountain, one can have the opportunity to view one of the most spectacular glaciers of the world. Tallit Massif Tallit Massif, located in the Shangrila, is the highest mountain range in the world and among the oldest mountain ranges in the world.

Satpara Lake

What lies beneath this crystal-clear water? Ratti Gali Lake There’s more than meets the eye at Satpara Lake. Take a closer look. Ratti Gali Lake Rush Lake. It’s the gateway to KPK. Rush Lake. It’s the gateway to KPK.

Lulusar Lake Inside the lake is a hard bottomed area. An inflow of rain water and snow melt flows through this water. The water level is not altered by glaciers.

There are many myths and legends about the lake, the most popular being that it is the lake where the emperors of Sindh are buried. The lake has the second largest exposed freshwater coral reef in the world.

The lake is also a habitat for fish, crocodiles, migratory birds and mammals. Althea Lake Althea lake is located in the Lower Swat Valley of Malakand division of Pakistan. The lake is a beautiful rock formation as it lies directly in front of a plateau called Kandal, or Mount Razi.

Ratti Gali Lake

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Sheosar Lake

2. Swaik Lake This lake is 20-minutes drive from Jehangir National Park, to which it belongs. And if you visit, you can find more than 300 different varieties of birds, more than 100 different types of butterflies and bats, 21 kinds of lizards and scorpions, as well as 5 different types of fish swimming around the lake.

3. Rush Lake Rush Lake is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Gilgit. It is situated on the highway to Chilas. It has a length of 110 km and a width of 20 km. It is best enjoyed on a motorbike, and is surrounded by green forests and mountains.

4. Dudipatsar Lake This lake is a favorite sightseeing spot for those in Jehangir National Park. It has some beautiful hills on its western side. It is a 16-km long lake, with a surface area of 2.5km2, and a depth of 2.

Lulusar Lake

It is surrounded by the stunning mountains. It is the tallest mountain in the world in that area. The snow covered peaks of the Himalayas in the background and the white, blue, brown, green and gray lakes are visible in the distance. The view is simply amazing. The lake is located at 690 m altitude and the water level is high. The water is green in color and the air quality is good. You can go paragliding in the region.

Dudipatsar Lake

This scenic lakes lies in remote areas in the Kunar Province of Afghanistan. The area of the lake is difficult to access and these beautiful water bodies are not accessible by road. Ghagr Wali lake lies in the Bhimber district of Azad Kashmir. Bhimber district is home to over 3000 small mountains and valleys which range in height from 1500 to 4000 metres.

The catchment area of the lake is 62km2 and the water is full of minerals. Lurking beneath the bright blue waters of Suleiman Dheri Lake lies the luridly colored Suleiman’s bearded dragon lizard. These monitor lizards get their name from the hairy pouch on their shoulders that hides their young. Green Lake, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Swaik Lake

Jahanara Lake Hingol National Park Chitral National Park Karakoram National Park Malam Jabba National Park Chitral Snowf Haftana Lake Attabad Lake River Inayat Nallah Dudipatsar Lake Videgam Lake Satpara Lake Harami Lake Lower Kachura Lake Views from Iona Lake Hingol National Park is located in Golestan Valley, about 220 miles south of the border between Pakistan and China.

The region is situated in Gilgit–Baltistan and Jammu & Kashmir, three northernmost territories of Pakistan. It is also known as the most famous valley in the world, known as “the Switzerland of the East”. Hingol National Park is one of the most famous national parks of the world and is ranked among the top five wildest places.

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