An Organization
of Faith-Based

6.4 million paid Subscribers;
Educated, Loyal Buyers
Question: What is Good News Advertising?

Answer: An association of nonprofit publications serving the readers of many religious organizations.

Question: What makes this new organization—Good News Advertising—such a desirable market opportunity for advertisers?

• Large, mature, well-educated audience. The member publications of Good News Advertising can deliver your message to more than 6.4 million paid subscribers.

• Established publications. Each title in the Good News group represents, on average, a history of more than 50 years of newspaper publishing.

• Diverse and broad-based. The Good News group includes publications of the Baptist, Catholic, Jewish, Methodist, Presbyterian and many other faiths.

• Reader loyalty and interest. Not only do subscribers carefully read every page of each issue, but they also keep and refer to previous editions.

• Ease and convenience of media buys. With one insertion order—and one invoice—advertisers can buy valuable space in more than 175 diverse, multi-denominational newspapers.

Good News readers are educated professionals who are committed to their community. They are active, involved men and women who avidly read and rely on the news of their faith. Let us show you how to connect with this vital, growing market.